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Everyone needs a little relief on hot, summer days. There’s nothing better than walking in the front door and being hit with a blast of cold air from your air conditioning system.

But if you’re instead greeted by warm, stuffy air, something isn’t right. You may hear your air conditioner running, but upon further inspection, you feel warm air – not cold air – coming from your vents.

This is not a predicament you want to find yourself in during the summer months. Fortunately, the HVAC technicians at Gibson Heating & Cooling have some tips to fix this issue. If a DIY fix doesn’t solve the problem, you can trust Gibson to provide your Georgetown, KY home’s air conditioning system with an accurate and reliable repair.

Why Air Conditioners Blow Warm Air

In our most recent blog, the HVAC technicians at Gibson discuss some of the most common reasons ACs blow warm air.

Wrong thermostat setting

The thermostat is the first place you should check if your air conditioner is blowing warm air. First, check that the COOL setting is selected. It’s possible that the thermostat was accidentally turned to HEAT mode, causing your furnace to turn on.

Your thermostat has two fan settings – ON and AUTO. When the fan is set to AUTO, it runs only when your air conditioner operates. However, when it’s turned to the ON position, it runs continuously, whether there’s a cooling cycle or not. This could cause you to feel warmer air coming from your vents between cooling cycles.

Dirty or clogged air filters

Regularly changing HVAC filters is a crucial maintenance task for your HVAC system. When filters become clogged and dirty, they restrict airflow through the system. This creates a blockage and causes your air conditioner to work harder to move air, which could lead to a decrease in airflow, giving off the feeling that your air conditioner is blowing warm air.

If your HVAC air filter is dirty, replace it with a new one and see if that solves the issue. Air filters generally need to be replaced about every three months, but it’s a good idea to check them monthly during the warmer months as your HVAC system is used more frequently than in the spring and fall.

Refrigerant leak

A refrigerant leak is another common reason air conditioners blow weak or warm air. If your AC doesn’t have the proper refrigerant charge, the air you feel inside might feel warmer than it should. If you notice or suspect a refrigerant leak, contact an HVAC technician immediately to repair the leak and recharge the refrigerant.

Frozen evaporator coil

Yes, air conditioners can freeze up in the summer! The job of your air conditioning system’s evaporator coil is to cool the warm refrigerant so it can absorb heat from the home. If the evaporator coil becomes dirty, it can freeze and struggle to complete the heat transfer. This could result in your AC blowing warm air. Some common causes of frozen evaporator coils include refrigerant leaks, damage to the system or poor airflow, possibly from a clogged HVAC filter.

You can use a hair dryer to thaw the coils, but it’s recommended to contact a professional technician to perform the work to ensure the system is functioning properly.

Dirty condenser coil

While the evaporator coil is located in the indoor portion of your air conditioning system, the condenser coil is located outside in the condenser unit. If dirt and debris find their way onto the condenser coil, it could disrupt the heat transfer process and can interfere with normal operation, causing your system to blow warm air. Make sure to leave 2 feet of room between the condenser unit and outside vegetation.

A lack of electricity

If power is lost to the outside condenser unit due to a tripped circuit breaker – causing only the indoor portion of the AC to work – it can cause warm air to blow into your home’s living areas. You’ll need to reset the circuit breaker if it’s tripped to restore power to the outdoor unit. This can often happen during the hottest days of the year when your AC is being pushed to the limit.

Contact Gibson for Cooling Services

An AC unit that is blowing hot air is a huge inconvenience, but it can be easily fixed through DIY methods or by contacting a reputable HVAC provider such as Gibson Heating & Cooling. Our technicians receive ongoing training and are expertly trained to repair all makes and models of air conditioning systems. To learn more about our cooling services, or to request an appointment, contact Gibson today.

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