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If you are in the market for a new HVAC system, consider upgrading your home and lifestyle with a Daikin Air Conditioning system. Oftentimes seen as the Rolls Royce of air conditioning systems, Daikin AC units help to make your home more energy efficient,  cost efficient, and comfortable to be in.

The Daikin Air Conditioning Advantages

If you ever never had the privilege of utilizing a Daikin Air Conditioner, you may be wondering what all of the prestige is about. Daikin Air Conditioners have a long reputation for being one of the highest quality AC systems on the market. With industry leading energy efficiency, customer service and more, Daikin has carved themselves out a reputation of quality and excellence.

However, just hearing that Daikin is the right choice may not be enough, here are some of the reasons homeowners everywhere choose Daikin.

Reputation and History

Daikin as a company was founded all the way back in 1924. Which means that their products and ideas have not only stood the test of time but continued to improve and innovate for decades. If you are going to trust the future of your home’s comfort with a company, do it with one who has been eagerly helping and serving families for almost 100 years.

Industry Leader

Daikin is not just one of the biggest manufacturers of air conditioners, they are the biggest.  Boasting impressive numbers like 17 Billion in net sales and more than 100 production bases all over the globe. With a team of dedicated professionals and the funding to back it up, it is no wonder how Daikin has established themselves as the industry standard for service and quality.

Energy Efficiency

Daikin has taken the initiative on making air conditioner systems as energy efficient as possible. Which is great to hear as a homeowner who has or is thinking about making the switch to Daikin. Energy efficiency translates to cost savings for homeowners, the more efficient your system is, the more cash back in your pocket.

Environmental Impact

In 2022, the act of caring for the environment has never been more popular. Well Daikein has been riding the environmental impact wave for years, focusing on creating systems that are healthier and safer for the environment. AC units are a large part of a home’s carbon footprint, Daikin realized this and has helped push the idea of having energy efficient air conditioning in homes all over the world.

World Class Warranty

A problem many homeowners run into with systems from other brands is the lack of a quality warranty. Daikin offers 6 and 12 year warranties to their customers. Ensuring that you will be happy and satisfied with your air conditioner purpose far into the future.

Build Quality

Other than the amazing customer service, environmental initiatives, and warranties, what really sets a Daikin apart is the build quality Utilizing the newest technologies and best equipment available Daikin products are a step above the competition.

Why A Daikin from Gibson Heating and Cooling?

At Gibson, we like to think when a customer purchases a Daikin with us that they are truly getting the best of both worlds. They get the amazing craftsmanship and quality of a Daikin system, matched with our installation and maintenance services. Which will truly give homeowners the ultimate peace of mind knowing that they are getting the highest quality product they can on both ends.

For most people your home is something that you spend more time in than almost anywhere else. Which is why we recommend taking advantage of the benefits from ourselves and Daikin and enjoy your home that much more.

Choose Gibson Heating and Cooling for Your HVAC Needs

When it comes to having your heating and cooling needs satisfied, look no further. Our team of industry excerpts is trained with the news technology and always has a smile on their face. If you are ready to experience the difference of working with the best versus the  rest, contact us today!

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