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During the cold winters in Paris, KY, there’s nothing better than being huddled up inside a warm home. Having a reliable heating system is a necessity during frigid months. Without it, you and your family could be very uncomfortable and face health risks if the temperature climbs too low.

Gibson Heating & Cooling understands the value of having a quality, reliable heating system. We also know that it can be difficult for homeowners to choose the right one for them, so our experienced team of heating service professionals is ready to help you determine what heating system is ideal for your home. 

Heating Installations and Replacements

Whether you have an old system that needs to be replaced or a newly constructed house that’s never had a heating system, our technicians at Gibson can provide the heating installation services you need.

If there’s a problem with your existing system, we will perform an inspection and do any needed repair work right then. If your system needs to be replaced completely, we will discuss the options with you and help you decide which system is right for your family’s needs and budget. 

You Should Replace Your Heating System If:

You Frequently Repair Your System

If you keep calling the repairman, but the problems persist, it’s probably time for a new system. Just like appliances or vehicles, heating systems wear out after several years and need to be replaced. 

You’re Spending Too Much on Heating Costs

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your heating bill keeps going up. These high bills could result from your system failing to heat your home as quickly as it once did. Therefore, it has to use more energy to compensate. 

Your Home Has Humidity Issues

If you notice that your home feels muggy or moist, this is also a sign that your heating system needs to be replaced. When there’s too much vapor or moisture in the air inside your home, it can create mildew and mold and lead to possible severe health problems for you and your family. 

Your System Sounds or Smells Strange

Strange sounds such as whistling, excessive humming, or a clanging could indicate your system is getting old. This might mean that parts are wearing out and need to be replaced. More than likely, you’ll need to get an entirely new HVAC system.

Bad smells could be caused by mold growing inside the ductwork or a burned-out wire. Both of these issues need to be resolved as quickly as possible to avoid you or your family suffering from mold or chemical exposure. 

Gibson Heating & Cooling’s Maintenance Agreements

Gibson is happy to respond to any of your unscheduled service needs. But you also have the option to receive regular maintenance with one of our Preventative Maintenance Programs. These programs help minimize the number of unscheduled service calls, and they ensure that your system stays in optimal condition.

You’ll enjoy fewer breakdowns, longer equipment lifespan, lower utility consumption, and better quality air in your home. 

We offer several packages for your convenience. And since we don’t work with any single manufacturer, we can provide you with expert advice about the right equipment and components that best suit your needs. Our certified technicians service the entire Paris, KY area, so you can rest assured that we’ll be there for you when you need us.

HVAC Financing Information

FTL Finance 

This finance option offers a fixed interest rate for residential HVAC equipment purchases. With rapid turnarounds and fair evaluations of credit history, FTL Finance is a wonderful choice. 

With FTL Finance, you’ll enjoy:

  • Friendly customer service
  • Simple financing options
  • Fixed interest rate

You won’t have to tap into your existing funds, like your equity line of credit, credit card, and bank account, when you choose to finance with us. 

Microf Financing 

If you want flexible options for financing, Microf is also an excellent choice. With Microf, you’ll enjoy stress-free monthly payments for all of your heating and cooling needs. 

Even if you’ve never had a heating or cooling system installed, no need to worry – this will not affect your ability to finance or limit your options.

Contact Gibson for Heating Installation Services

If you’ve been looking for heating installation services with excellent customer care that will provide quality results, Gibson Heating & Cooling in the Paris, KY area would love to serve you and your family. 

As a family owned business, we take pride in providing you with knowledgeable heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality technicians who have high-quality standards. We know that you rely on equipment like your furnace and air conditioning system to stay safe and comfortable, so it’s our most important goal to ensure that your systems work properly all year long.

Contact us here at Gibson for all your heating and cooling needs!

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