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Heat Pump Repair in Lexington, KY

Heat pump systems are possibly the most efficient way to heat your home in winter and cool your home in summer. They are one unit that does both jobs. In addition, they can have more repair needs because they do both heating and cooling. Therefore, it is important to schedule maintenance for your heat pump system twice per year, which can help avoid extra repair calls.

Call the professional and experienced crew at Gibson Heating & Cooling if your heat pump system needs repairing.

Common Heat Pump Issues

Some of the more common issues with heat pumps include the following:

  • Short Cycling. The unit turns on and off frequently, sometimes in just a few minutes. Short cycling can be due to issues with a few pieces of the heat pump system. Most often, it is a thermostat issue.
  • Strange Smells and Noises. Heat pumps are very quiet. If they make noises or sound louder than usual, give us a call for service. Something in the system is not working correctly. A maintenance call can prevent a more significant repair call.
  • The System Isn’t Running. If the system will not power on, then a repair call is your best bet. Sometimes it is something simple like a loose connection, and sometimes it is a more expensive issue.
  • Frozen Outdoor Unit. Some frosting or icing is standard, but it cannot exchange air or do its job when the outdoor unit is frozen.
  • The Unit Isn’t Heating or Cooling. Generally, this indicates the unit is low on coolant. There might be a small leak in one of the coolant lines. The unit works by compressing coolant to produce heat. If there is not enough coolant to bring the pressure up, it will not heat or cool.

Heat Pump Maintenance Services in Lexington

Heat pump maintenance is an excellent way to prevent your heat pump from breaking until it is next serviced. When Gibson Heating & Cooling services a heat pump, our technicians perform routine maintenance on the unit and check for other issues, like small coolant leaks, loose fittings, or connections.

When everything is in good working order, the heat pump has less stress while it heats or cools, which means that it has few opportunities to break.

You can genuinely look at maintenance for your heat pump as an investment in a warm and cozy home during the winter and a cool and comfortable place to hang out in the summer.

The heat pump might rattle on for a few years without regular maintenance and then start failing. You end up paying a significant amount of money for calls to repair the unit. Meanwhile, there is no heat or cooling each time the unit breaks.

Benefits of Repairing Your Heat Pump

Repairing your heat pump can produce benefits such as:

  • Fewer breakdowns. When the heat pump system runs efficiently, it runs smoothly, and there is slight wear on moving parts. If the unit breaks, repairing it will help the system run efficiently again.
  • Year-round operation. Because heat pumps heat homes in winter and cool them in summer, it is essential to keep them running. Repairing a heat pump is much cheaper than replacing it.
  • More effective heating. Heat pumps do not burn fuel to make hot air or cold air, making them more effective at heating and cooling.
  • Greater energy efficiency. A heat pump can be 50 percent more efficient than other types of heating and cooling units. That means you save money by not buying more fuel to heat or cool your home.
  • Lower heating and cooling costs. Heat pumps are energy efficient, which means they cost less to heat or cool your home.

Heat Pump Repair Services in Lexington

Gibson Heating & Cooling offers heat pump service 24-hours per day, seven days per week. If your heat pump requires maintenance or repair, we are here for you and ready to get to work.

One call is all you need for easy access to quality service by a professional heating and cooling technician.

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