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With the hot temperatures in the summer months, residents of Lexington can benefit from their air conditioning systems running optimally all year long. There is no better way to ensure that your ac unit is working to its full potential and that is having it tuned up by a company who understands HVAC systems.

Gibson is a great company to hire for these kinds of services, so you can get the maintenance tune-ups your air conditioners need to work efficiently all summer long. Then you can enjoy cool comfort and peace of mind.

The Benefits of an Air Conditioning Tune-Up

There are some big benefits to having the right AC maintenance for your home, from HVAC technicians you can trust.

Fewer Overall Repairs

One of the best reasons to get air conditioners tuned up is that you’ll have fewer overall repairs when you have regular maintenance performed. You don’t want your AC system to break down at an inconvenient moment, and good air conditioner maintenance helps to prevent that.

Energy Efficiency

You want your air conditioning system to be as energy-efficient as possible, and annual maintenance is a great way to make that a reality. With regular maintenance tune-ups you’ll get an air conditioning unit that helps keep your power bills down while giving you a comfortable home to enjoy.

Increased Peace of Mind

Knowing you can trust your AC system to work when it’s really needed is another big benefit of regular tune-ups. When you have an HVAC company come out and perform maintenance, you can have them tune your AC system just right. That helps you feel more confident in its performance during the summer months.

Increased Lifespan

You want your air conditioning system working properly for years. The longer it lasts, the less it will cost you in replacement, repairs, and other expenses. By doing things like regular tune-ups that check the blower motor, change out air filters, and check the electrical connections, you have a better chance of a longer air conditioning system lifespan.

Enhanced Comfort

Feeling comfortable in your home really matters, and your heating and cooling system is a big part of that. With good AC maintenance from a trusted HVAC company, you can reduce excess stress and feel better in your home. Humid summers are much more enjoyable when you have cool comfort in your house.

What Are the Signs That Your AC May Need a Tune-Up?

There are a number of signs that indicate your AC system may need a tune up. A couple of the biggest signs are strange noises and leaks.

Air conditioner maintenance can address both of those things, so your system works as well as possible. If you’re hearing noises from the blower motor, or there are rattles, squeaks, or other sounds, calling on HVAC technicians can be the right choice.

Additionally, you want to look for leaks in your condensate drain or other areas. Some leaks, such as those in the refrigerant levels, can also result in your home just not feeling cool and comfortable like it should. In those cases, homeowners turn to an HVAC company they can trust, to find and fix the problem.

How Often Should My AC Be Tuned Up?

Air conditioners should be tuned up in the spring, preferably before the system is turned on for the first time. That can be in early June, but is often before that. March is a popular month to start thinking about a maintenance tune-up in areas like Kentucky and Ohio. Annual maintenance that’s completed before the heat of the summer months arrives can get your air conditioner ready and keep it working properly.

You can also save money that way, since a tuned-up AC system typically works better than one that hasn’t been maintained as frequently. Annual tune-ups are excellent ways to reduce repairs, and get your system up and running for the entire summer.

Electrical connections are checked during annual maintenance, coils are cleaned, and air filters are often changed, too. Any debris will be removed from the site, and you can be confident your system will work properly.

Why Trust Gibson for AC Services in Lexington?

For AC tune-up services, Gibson offers a team of experienced and dedicated technicians who are all well-versed in everything relating to HVAC.

For everything heating and cooling, work with Gibson. Founded in 1981, we are family-owned and operated. You can expect quality, value, and reliability when you work with us. We offer complete HVAC services, and a team that cares about customers and what they need.

Families all throughout the area trust Gibson, because they know we work harder. Whether you’re in town or out in the surrounding area, we understand the importance of a complete air conditioner maintenance tune-up on your heating and cooling system.

Contact Gibson for AC Tune-Up Services

Request a quote from us at Gibson today, or contact us for heating and cooling maintenance tune-ups. We understand the importance of good AC system performance, and want you to be comfortable in your home. You can request a tune-up, order components, and get on the schedule, so our technicians can correct any issues with your air conditioners.

When you contact us, you’re taking an important step toward a maintenance tune-up you can trust, and more comfort for your family. We offer a comprehensive look at your air conditioning system, along with any repair your systems need, so you and your family can enjoy your home all throughout the summer months.

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