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Summers in Lexington without a functioning air conditioner can quickly become miserable. With the hot, humid air, four months can feel like a very long time.

Whether you need to get your existing air conditioning system repaired, or you’re in need of a new HVAC system, the team of HVAC specialists at Gibson Heating & Cooling can help. We’ll install and repair a brand-new system for you that lasts for many summers to come.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our HVAC repair services in Lexington, KY and the surrounding Central Kentucky areas.

Signs That You Need AC Repair Services

Not sure if you need to have your air conditioner repaired? Having some problems with your unit but aren’t sure they are worth calling us about?

Here are a few signs that you need to get your unit repaired.

Rising Energy Bills

If you notice your electric bill go up significantly without any changes in your energy use, you likely need to have your air conditioner repaired. This increase in electricity could be due to a loss of efficiency in your unit. We can take a look at your unit and let you know the problem.

The System is Blowing Warm Air

Many things can cause this issue, but the bottom line is that you need to get your unit looked at. It could be as simple as a dirty filter, but it could also mean serious complications with your unit. Leave it to us to find the cause.

Strange Odors and Noises

If you notice any strange odors or noises coming from your air conditioner, it needs to be looked at. Trying to fix these issues by yourself could potentially make it worse, so make sure you schedule service with us as soon as possible.

High Humidity in the Home

Do your windows often become fogged, even when it is not humid outside? This is most likely the result of HVAC problems, and it could cause major issues in the long run.

Make sure you get this checked out by our heating and air conditioning technicians as soon as possible.

Moisture Around the Air Conditioner

Have you noticed condensation on your unit or on any AC vents you may have? This is another sign that it needs to be repaired. Our Lexington air conditioning repair service can prevent excess moisture from pooling near your unit and furniture.

Short Cycling

The average air conditioning cycle lasts around 20 minutes. If your AC turns on or off in short bursts and does not properly cool your house, it is short cycling. Call us today to schedule a repair service and get this issue fixed for good.

Gibson’s Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Many of these problems can be easily prevented by enrolling in one of our preventative maintenance agreements. Once you enroll, we will schedule regular inspections of your unit to make sure we take care of any small issues before they turn into larger, more expensive repairs.

With our preventative maintenance program, you can always trust that someone is looking out for your unit — so you never have to worry about it! Of course, we’ll inform you if we notice short cycling, filter clogs, and motor inefficiencies. However, we’re in the habit of catching warning signs early and preventing these issues from occurring altogether.

Why Choose Gibson Heating & Cooling?

When you need to find an AC repair service company in Lexington, you can turn to us for the quality service you deserve. We are a reputable and experienced HVAC company, serving homeowners in the Lexington area since 1981. We strive to put our customers first, as shown by our quality customer service and preventative maintenance agreements.

We do our best to get repairs done as quickly as possible so that you don’t have to bear the Kentucky heat for very long. Give us a call to begin the inspection process — you’ll be amazed how fast we come up with a diagnosis and have your unit back to brand-new condition in no time!

Top-Rated Cooling Services in Lexington, Kentucky

We are one of the top-rated air conditioning repair services in Lexington, KY. Gibson can help to provide a reliable solution to all of your home’s heating and cooling needs. If you are having any problems with your AC unit, we are your go-to repair company!

Make sure you schedule HVAC service with us as soon as possible so that you can have a safe and comfortable summer. Call our phone number at 502-829-6827, or contact us online today by filling out the contact card below. Our HVAC service professionals are ready to provide a solution to any issue that your Lexington home might be dealing with.

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