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Does your Cynthiana, KY home need a new boiler, furnace, or heat pump? If so, contact the professionals at Gibson Heating & Cooling.

Founded in 1981, Gibson is a trusted company that can handle the HVAC needs of homeowners across the community. Contact us today to schedule an installation service for your furnace or heating system.

Gibson Installs and Replaces Heating Systems

Whether you need to replace your existing heating system or your recently constructed home doesn’t yet have one, our certified technicians can provide you with a custom service that adheres to your individual needs.

As a family owned company, the importance of safety and cost-effectiveness is paramount. We have a team of certified and highly trained heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality technicians, and we only use premier HVAC products. Our installation and replacement services are of the highest standard, meaning your unit will enjoy peak performance year after year without your energy bills rising.

Our experienced team gets the job done the first time around on a timetable that fits your schedule. And, we always provide you with a detailed explanation of the installation and the features of the new system.

Signs That You Need a New Heating System

Below are the most common reasons your heating system may need replacing:

The System Needs Frequent Repairs

Frequent repairs can end up costing you more money, and they are tell-tale signs that your heating system could be breaking down. Many units require minor repairs over the years. However, if the faults require rectification once a year or more, you should consider a replacement.

Rising Heating Bills

If your energy bills have increased, your old heating system could be to blame. Old units are notorious for their inefficiency and can cause your home to consume more energy than normal. Modern units will save you money in the long run, with many newer models having smart controls that work toward lowering your energy bills.

Humidity Issues Within the Home

Normally, heating systems don’t affect the humidity of a household. However, in the case of damaged units that are nearing the end of their lives, humidity issues can arise.

Strange Smells and Sounds from the Unit

If your system hasn’t been used for a long period, you may recognize a burning fabric smell or notice dust coming from the unit when starting it up. Often, this is caused by the pilot light burning off dust. However, if these problems persist, you’ll need to call to schedule replacement services, as you may have a serious issue with your home’s heating system.

Gibson Heating & Cooling’s Maintenance Agreements

Enrolling in Gibson’s maintenance program is a great way to keep your new heating system in tip-top shape. From a prompt response for unscheduled services to reassurance that your unit will receive regular checkups, we offer various packages to cater to your specific household and HVAC needs. Some of the most helpful and attractive advantages of the maintenance agreements are:

  • A longer lifespan for equipment
  • Fewer breakdowns of equipment
  • Lower utility consumption
  • Better tenant control and air quality

A further benefit is that we are not aligned with other manufacturers. You will always receive trustworthy, professional, and unbiased advice from our heating and air conditioning technicians on the best equipment and components that will suit your needs.

Our Heating & Cooling Maintenance Protection Plan is used by many of our customers in the Cynthiana, KY area. It leaves them with peace of mind if ever they require immediate assistance with any of their HVAC needs.

Financing for New Heating Systems

Alongside our popular maintenance agreements, we also have two financing options available for customers:

Option 1, the FTL Finance option, offers customers convenient fixed interest rate financing for residential HVAC equipment purchases.
Option 2, the Microf Financing option, allows customers to opt for flexible payment methods and options for financing.
Both finance options provide customers needing heating service in Cynthiana, KY with different payment methods that may be suited to their circumstances.

Contact Gibson for Heating Installation Services

Residents of Cynthiana, KY can contact Gibson today to schedule service. Providing quality equipment to homes in the Cynthiana community for over 40 years, you can expect only the best customer experience on the market when you work with Gibson. Whether you require the installation of a heat pump or more than one HVAC service, you can trust us to keep your home warm all winter long.

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